United WindSign Curb Frame & Insert Special


Curb Frame & Insert Special

The United Curb Frame is an attention grabber!   The curbframe is an easy and cost effective way to display your message.  Whatever that message may be; hiring is a frequent message we all need.

 Purchase a curb frame today and receive two free inserts!



United Wind Sign Curb Frame:


  • Part Number: U-WS-1
  • 31"w x 52-1/4"h
  • Available in black (WS-1B) or silver aluminum(WS-1S)
  • Made with heavy coil springs to withstand winds up to 75 mph without falling over.
Styrene Inserts:
  • Two .020" Styrene "Now Hiring" inserts.
  • 28"w x 44"h


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