Mat-A-Dor™ Shoe Cleaning Mats

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Do you have a high traffic area where people are coming and going and dirty shoes are becoming an issue? The Mat-A-Dor 32" x 39" is the answer. It digs deep into shoe treads and sides with it's 2400 fingertips per square foot. It's 5/8th inch thick, durable and washes clean easily. Helps reduce dirt in high traffic areas Digs deep into shoe treads to clean Perfect for building entryways at job sites Washes clean easily

  • Automatic shoe cleaning action
  • Over 2400 fingertips/sq.ft.
  • Overall mat thickness is 5/8"
  • Beveled edges reduce tripping hazard
  • Ideal for heavy traffic
  • Color: Black
  • Material: #N/A
  • Size: 32"w x 39"l

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