28" x 44" Inserts

Browse our wide variety of store signs below and find the perfect one to advertise your store's specials, products and services. These are great signs to help increase impulse purchases and let your customers know what you offer inside. Once you click on an insert of your choice and open the product page, you have the option of selecting the material you'd like your insert printed on based on the frame it will be displayed in. 
These 28" x 44" signs are made to fit the following frames:
  • WindMaster FP Curb Sign Frame (U-WMFP) 10mm Double-Sided Coroplast Insert
  • Wind Sign Deluxe Frame (U-WSR-28) 4mm Single-Sided Coroplast Insert
United WindSign Snap Lock or Pole Mount Frame (U-WS-14) .020 Single-Sided Styrene Insert
  • United WindSign Curb Frame (U-WS-1) .020 Single-Sided Styrene
Clear Cover

Clear Plastic Panel

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Protect your signs and make them last as long as possible with this easily applied clear plastic overlay panel! Clear protective overlay For use w...

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