Note Validator Cleaning Card (Box of 50)


Designed to clean performance-critical surfaces inside most note validator devices, the Cleaning Card for Note Validators with Lucky Stripe delivers superior cleaning results. It improves overall device performance and maintains high acceptance rates This specialty flat cleaning card outperforms others by using a powerful proprietary cleaning formula trusted by OEMs around the world. Our cleaning formula effectively breaks down and removes contaminants commonly found inside today’s technology. The cleaning card also features unique magnetic coding strips to ensure a successful recognition and advancement into device for cleaning.

  • MiracleMagic Cleaning Formula – Specially formulated to break down and safely remove dirt, grime, residue, particles, and other contaminants from critical components in today’s technology.
  • Premium Material – Allows cleaning cards to quickly release solution while simultaneously encapsulating loosened dirt, debris, and other contaminants for successful removal.
  • Universally Accepted – Features unique magnetic strips for cleaning card to be accepted into most note validator devices.
  • Individual, Single-Use Packaging – Guarantees consistent quality, 100% solution retention, and simple transport/storage for convenient access when needed.
  • Anti-Static Properties – Significantly reduces the threat of static charge build-up while cleaning.

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