10" Flip Numbers- 1 Product, Double Sided A-Frame


This is the one! Lightweight, mobile and strong, this sign is built to move and built to last. Standing three feet tall and two feet wide, it doesn't take up much room, but it's bright colors and portability make it a big attention getter. Place it near the road, on a sidewalk or in front of your business, and show your price to the customers that matter!

This double-sided, A-frame single product flip sign stands 35"H x 24"W. 10" flip numbers(0-9), product panels and product panel text are included.

Overall size 24"w x 35"h
One-product price sign
10" flip numbers (0-9)

** Please note all payments will be processed at the time of order placement for the following: flip price signs & manufacturer drop ship items.

*** Flip signs are made to order and ship within 5 business days.

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