20" Flip Numbers, Three-Product, Pole or Wall Mount


So big it could get a basketball contract, this 20" Three Product Single-sided sign is built to make the biggest impression of any sign its size, but not too thick. 96"h x 36"w, it is bold and showy, and it's bright colors and ease of use make it a big attention getter. Bolt it to a Pole or Wall in front of your business, and show your price to the customers that matter!
Mounting hardware sold separately (U-SC-1)

Three Product Pole or Wall Mount flip-price sign has 20" flip numbers (0-9)
Includes the product panels and product panel text.
Built with a powder-coated frame of angle iron, the flip numbers and back-plate are made of enameled aluminum for maximum weather resistance.

Wall or pole mount
Overall size 36"w x 96"h
One-product price sign has 20" flip numbers (0-9)
Product panels and product panel text are included
Mounting hardware sold separately U-SC-1

** Please note all payments will be processed at the time of order placement for the following: flip price signs & manufacturer drop ship items.

*** Flip signs are made to order and ship within 5 business days.

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