35 Gallon Hex Service Center & Paper Towel Case


This generous 35 gallon hex shaped waste container is already an excellent pump island service center. Now we've bundled it with a case of Paper towels to fill it! It combines a 35-gallon trash capacity with the convenience of a built-in windshield service center. By shipping the Waste Container with the paper towels already inside it, you get the case shipped for FREE!

  • Size: 25.5"w x 31"h x 23.25"d 
  • Ideal indoor or outdoor solution, perfect for any business
  • Durable and built to last in the harshest weather conditions
  • Environmentally- friendly containers, molded from long-lasting recycled polyethylene that won’t rust, dent, chip and is graffiti-resistant
  • Material is easy to maintain and clean, saving you time and hassle
  • Generous, hexagonal 9.75” opening allows for convenient disposal to accommodate all types of litter
  • The innovative snap lid closure and unique patented Grab Bag™ system secure the standard 45-gallon trash bags in place for a cleaner appearance with a decreased chance of the lid blowing off
  • 100% Recyclable after use

This waste container includes patented Grab Bag™ system that secures trash bag in place and is also molded from long-lasting polyethylene that won’t rust, dent or chip. It’s unique hexagon shape is great for pump-island areas with limited space.

** Please note: All payments will be processed at the time of order placement for manufacturer drop ship items.

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