Caution Touch Here First- 6"w x 6"h Decal


Decal says, "CAUTION! Touch Here First (hand) To Discharge Your Static! Touch this sign first each time you approach the nozzle area In Case of Fires: *Do Not Remove Nozzle From Vehicle *Get Away - Get help to Fight Fire *Tell Station Attendant to Shut Off Fuel Pump Refueling Safety Always: *Turn off the vehicle *Refuel slowly for first 1/2 tank Never: *Never allow children to refuel *Never have children in the vehicle during refueling *Never smoke *Never auto latch the nozzle *Never get back in the vehicle during refueling Discharge your static: *Every time you exit the vehicle *Every time you approach the nozzle area If a fire occurs: Never pull the nozzle out of the vehicle Filling containers: *Use only approved containers *Always fill containers sitting on the ground - Never in a vehicle or bed of truck Static May Cause Fires"

  • Single Sided
  • Peel and Stick Decal
  • Color: Red and Black on Yellow
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Size: 6" w x 6" h

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