Waffletechnology® for Card Readers (Box of 40)


Designed to effectively remove problematic contaminants from interior surfaces, our Waffletechnology® for Card Readers deliver superior cleaning results shown to significantly reduce failed transaction/fallback rates, expensive service calls and unnecessary device downtime. This specialty cleaning card outperforms ordinary flat cards by using a proprietary cleaning formula, and patented spring-loaded waffles engineered to reach and gently apply pressure to target surfaces including recessed sensors inside the card reader. Waffletechnology® is trusted and recommended by service professionals and OEMs around the world to increase transaction efficiencies and maintain reliable device performance.

  • Featuring WaffleTechnology® – patented spring-loaded waffles effectively reach and clean target areas including recessed read sensors that ordinary flat cards simply can’t.
  • MiracleMagicTM cleaning Formula – Specially formulated to break down and safely remove dirt, magnetic oxide, grime, residue, particles, and other contaminants from critical components in today’s technology.
  • Individual, Single-use Packaging – Guarantees consistent quality, 100% solution retention, and simple transport/storage for convenient access when needed.
  • Anti-Static Properties – Significantly reduces the threat of static charge buildup while cleaning.
  • Gentle on Technology – Contains NO harmful chemicals, low VOCs, and requires no additional safety measures for use.

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