AdFin Display Print


Get your message across to your customers with AdFin Display Prints! This unique advertisement is a premium branding tool with endless uses. The pocket style dye-sublimated graphics change quickly by sliding over the AdFin frame. The double sided dye-sub print is vibrant and permanent, providing years of use before light fading takes its toll.  The AdFin Display can quickly remove from the sockets for mowing activities or relocation *AdFin Display Hardware Kit Sold Separately

CUSTOM PRINTS AVAILABLE: Don't see what you need? Let us know! Our fully custom capability means we can print anything you need in any quantity you want. Just fill our our *Custom Quote Form and one of our Sales Reps will get back to you.


  • Finished print displayed 37”H x 32”W
  • Frame size 49”H x 32”W
  • Frame size in ground 38”H x 32”W
  • Print template size 37.252”H x 32.511”W
  • Safe Zone 35.252”H x 30.511”W

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