AdFin Display Hardware Kit


The AdFin Display System is a premium branding tool with endless uses. The pocket style dye-sublimated graphics change quickly by sliding over the AdFin frame. Ground sockets hold the frame perpendicular to the ground. Sockets can stay in the ground if desired. The AdFin Display can quickly remove from the sockets for mowing activities or relocation. The AdFin display kit is made of 1.33” diameter thermoformed PVC & comes with two PVC ground sockets and one fabric retention clip. *Adfin Display Prints sold separately.


  • Frame size 49”H x 32”W
  • Frame size in ground 38”H x 32”W
  • Print template size 37.252”H x 32.511”W
  • Safe Zone 35.252”H x 30.511”W
  • Finished print displayed 37”H x 32”W

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